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    PALABRAS CLAVE.. //த ங கள ச லவ த ப ல ஒர ச ல த ற கற தவ ர ப ர ம ப ன ம த ற கள ல க ட ட க க ள ள ,ந ய ய ப ரங கள க ற ற ல பறக கவ ட ட வர ஏய ப ப கள ,சட டம றல கள ,கவன ப ப கள ம ன ப வ ட( after 1991 new era) ம க அத கம நடந த ச ல வத த ல க ள க க ற ர கள /////Annoy,you don't know what you are talking about. The leelvs of corruption in getting licenses and permits in those days was terribly high. now such kinds of corruption no longer exists. and tax evasion during 98 % tax regimes was even higher (naturally). now govt corruption mainly is in contracts, supplies and tax evasion.and other than RTO offices, insurance companies or other competent bodies can issue licenses. it is only an alternate suggestion that can be experimented.And railway ticketing : when computerisation was introduced in the early 80s in govt PSUs, railways and banks, people like you cried hoarse along with trade unions against the computerisation , stating they would lead to job losses, etc. how utter nonsense, it has been proved.Obviously you don't know the level of corruption in railway ticketing in those days. now e-ticketing helps lot of genuine travellers like never before. can you suggest any alternate ideas ? The unions resist privatisation for selfish reasons ; nothing noble in their aims. And try to work in Railways for a year and learn about SRMU and its billion rupee corruption. Do you know about the assets of its leaders like Maaveeran Kannayaa, etc. Obviously that can be tolerated while ideas like ours cannot be. Nonsense. And sure BSNL is corrupted and the minister for telecom has been purchased by R-Comm. open secret. suppose if BSNL was not nationalised in the early 50s (it was with private before 1947) and free cometition and MNC cos allowed right from 1947, how would things and level of corruption now be ? say, comapare with Europe or US..and compare Lorry transport and bus transport sectors. permits and routes and deficiency is supply to meet growing demand. try travelling in MTC buses alone for a month.///த டர ந த பல வர டங கள க ப ர ம ல பம சம ப த க க ம ப த த த ற ந ற வனங கள ( வ ள ள ய ன ய ய இல ல மல அரச க க க ட கணக க ன ட வ டண ட அள த த வர பவ ) ச ர க ல யச ச த தன ய ர க க க ட க க ம யல ம த ரள மயங கள ன கர ண ப ரப க கள ன வள ளல தன ம கள ////Do you mean oil PSUs, ONGC, BHEL, etc. Do you have any idea of the level of corruption inside them. There is always a scramle for petroloeum ministry berth. the amounts of commission are mind boggling. Remember Sathish Sharma, Sankarand and Valayapaadi Ramamurthy days. billions and billions. i suppose you are happy if officers and politicians mint money in crores from these PSUs ;but oject if a private company makes money legally and transparently. do you know about the coal mafia in Eastern Coal Fields ? The officer who pioneered in nationalising them in 70s now regrets those moves ; try working in any PSU for a year to really understand what is going on inside them.SAIL : another horror story. the amount we have poured into these steel mills since 1950s is simply too much. what is the net rate of return on all those investemtns ?and at what cost ? only recently do SAIL show some efficency. still lot is hidden inside. Go see for yourself.Dondu Sir,I have been requesting you to write in detail about your on job experience in PSU IDPL, Delhi. Pls expose the working conditions, corruption, cost/ benefit analysis, mismanagement, plain stealing, etc.And Annoy,Jyovram Sunder and others (incl you) have not answered my points about liberalisation and globalsiation. the new wealth, job, taxes and prodcuts in created,and foreign exchange acumulations ;and most importantly the alternate ways to solve the foreign exchange criris of 1991.most of you are economic illetrates but high on word play and rhetoric. As Nanbar Jamalanhas honestly commented, he lacks the required knowledge and data to argue back. I respect him for his honestly and openess..All you annoy buggers who

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